The stage is over. Exhausted pilots look forward resting at the back of the Scarab 2200. Meanwhile the support team is preparing the next race. The team leader is reviewing the weather forecasts with the pilots. Mechanics are checking the vehicles, adding needed modules… Everybody is motivated and focused. The next race is being won right now, inside the cosy Scarab 2200. Weather can be extremely challenging in certain parts of the world. To face it, the support craft has to be strong, reliable and as small as possible. A wing based vehicle is certainly fastest and more controllable. But finding a landing strip is impossible in most destinations. The team solved that problem by designing an aircraft able to fly like a plane and to land everywhere. Depending on wheather and topology situations, Scarab 2200 proposes two different ways to get Race Hornet back. If the ground is stable, support craft may land and open its rear door. For emergency extraction, a bottom trap door is open and the vehicle winched inside.