"car design news" reveals Terra Hornet


The competition brief asked entrants to design a two-person race vehicle that could navigate every terrain imaginable on every continent, as well as a support craft for any maintenance needed throughout the race.

The support craft had to be able to carry tools, extra parts, any potential module changes for different terrain as well as enough ‘fuel’ for both vehicles to move between three major checkpoints …

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"Car body design" presents LM Terra Prix Winners.

Carbodydesign_03The Terra Prix 2085 Competition was launched on last May and asked participants to create a racing vehicle and its for a race around the world in the year 2085.

The contest was the participation of an exceptional jury panel made of four among the most famous concept designers: Harald Belker, Syd Mead, Scott Robertson and Daniel Simon . The results …

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Local Motors annouces Terra Prix judging pannel winners

Local-motors_03Today marks the end of the Terra Prix 2085 Concept Design Competition created by the Local Motors community for the Local Motors community. This competition was designed for fun, and brought about several changes to how Local Motors ran this competition: We invited a panel of world class judges– Harald Belker, Syd Mead, Scott Robertson, and Daniel Simon — to help select the winners. We gave you a voting dashboard to help you vote. We extended the submission time and the voting times to give you the most time to make …

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"Lignes-Auto" presents e-scorpion

Ligne-auto_03It’s all very well and good, the ecological car – green and so still not quite ripe. The vision certain top designers and car manufacturers have of it is equally fine. But there is still a tendency to put the dream to one side and go for monsters of hard technology,uninspiring and unattractive. So, why not get rid of all the received wisdom and start from a blank sheet of (recycled) paper. Why not imagine that the car again becomes what it was meant to be: a means of individual mobility, a superb machine for travelling and discovering …
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